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Why Summerlin?

Summerlin is a neighborhood in Las Vegas, Nevada with a population of 123,950. Summerlin is in Clark County and is one of the best places to live in Nevada. Living in Summerlin offers residents a suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Summerlin there are a lot of coffee shops and parks. Many young professionals and retirees live in Summerlin and residents tend to have moderate political views. The public schools in Summerlin are above average.

Summerlin is by far one of the best places to live in Las Vegas.

Billionaire Howard Hughes originally purchased the land as a possible site to relocate the Howard Hughes Corporation headquarters from California. The first purchase he made was in 1952. He bought 25,000 acres for $3 per acre. What a bargain!

For 30 years, the relocation plans stalled and nothing happened.

In 1982, the Summa Company announced plans for the development of Summerlin. The first school opened in 1988. The Summerlin Parkway, which provides a grand entrance to the master-planned community finished in 1990.

The first community started with a park, then homes, with the first family to move to Summerlin in 1991. After that, the development continued at a record pace, with houses going up, golf courses built, stores, restaurants, hotel/casinos, more parks, trails, churches, and more schools finished. For ten years, starting in 1997, Summerlin was the number one-selling community for new homes in the United States. It always was in the top twenty-five best selling planned communities in America even after the real estate downturn in 2007.

Summerlin Demographics

Just about everyone loves Summerlin. There are huge areas that are family-friendly. Young professionals like the area also, especially the condos near downtown Summerlin. There are designated age-restricted areas for retirees and seniors that prefer to live with only other seniors. The median income for a family is $91,851. The population makeup is 5% African American, 8% Hispanic, 10% Asian, 4% mixed races, and 72% Caucasian. The current population of Summerlin is 119,179. The median age of a Summerlin resident is 46. Single people represent 11.2% of the Summerlin population, single parents 15.8%, married couples are 46.7%, and couples with kids are 26.4% of the population.

Summerlin Real Estate

After the global economic meltdown, a home in Summerlin remains a good value. In 2005, a nice three bedroom, 3-bath home in Summerlin sold for $400,000 to $500,000. Ten years later, in 2015, a median-priced home sells for $342,300.

  • Currently, there are many homes available for sale in Summerlin. This means there are many great choices.
  • In the Summerlin neighborhoods, the least expensive homes are towards the southeast with a median price of $195,000. This house would typically have 1,730 square feet and be at least a two-bedroom home with two baths.
  • The newest homes in newer developments run in the $600,000 range once you option them out.
  • For those who are smart shoppers, great deals are in Summerlin. Occasionally, a four-bedroom home with four baths sells at the median price level of a smaller home. The key is to be aware of the home values. Check with 21Vegas frequently to find the best deals. Negotiate with a motivated seller to get a dream home at a bargain price.
  • Summerlin is unique because it is a massive planned community. This means the developers made an excellent choice to mix up the home offerings, so they do not look the same as the next one in the same block. Taking a wider view, it is possible to find a home design you like and then search all of the Summerlin neighborhoods to find that exact model of that home in the best condition at a great price.

Summerlin Las Vegas Culture

There is a laid back friendly attitude in Summerlin. No one would consider wearing a suit and tie, even for important business meetings. Each year during the first part of October, the Festival of the Arts happens in downtown Summerlin. This is a free outdoor event that runs for two full days, with great food, music, other entertainment, and plenty of local arts and crafts made by over 100 artists that participate. Other popular annual events, held at different times of the year, include:

  • Egg Hunt
  • Firecracker 5K
  • Friday Nite Live
  • Hometown Holidays
  • Patriotic Parade
  • Pumpkin Festival
  • Snow Day
  • Strawberry Festival
  • Summerlin Circus


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